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A frenetic beehive of commotion on the west coast of the island, this metropolis is the centre of economic and political endeavor in Sri Lanka. Situated 30kms from Katunayake Airport, the town is relatively easy to get around. Great many restaurants, shopping malls, banks, travel agencies, tourist information centres and hotels are located on the 'seaside' or 'landside' of the main Galle Road, which starts from Fort (also known as Colombo 1) and runs parallel with the sea all the way down to Galle town on the south coast. Traffic is insane and crossing the road is sometimes downright dangerous, but by sunset, the city is more tranquil and very pretty. One of the loveliest sights here is watching the sun slip into the ocean while walking along Galle Face green, or while having a drink on the terrace at the Galle Face Hotel. Colombo is a city of many festivals. The most important festival of Colombo is the celebration of Lord Buddha's Birth, Enlightenment and Death. The city of Colombo is decorated with lanterns during this festival. The festival takes place in the month of May. The other major festival that is celebrated in Colombo is Christmas. The city of Colombo is also the Media and the Fashion center of Sri Lanka.